Inquire here about our new White Labeled TELEHEALTH SOFTWARE designed to serve all communities cut off from proper medical care by race, income, or geography and enable all hospitals and clinics to improve efficiencies in staffing.

Your name, our software.

Affordable. Accessible. Easy To Use.

Why Telehealth?

The future of affordable non-emergency medical care is here

Address global medical professional shortage

See more patients with greater efficiency

Unclog emergency rooms with non-critical care patients

Provide care to infirm patients unable/unwilling to leave their home

Provide access to rural patients and critical care hospitals

Why Us?

Over 40 languages catering to your country or state’s needs

User journey is simple, you control number of clicks to connect

Simple scheduler set up

Easy medical professional onboard

Clean admin portal tracking calls and providing data

Downloadable reports

Add any discipline specific to your needs

Easy to manipulate patient interface

HIPAA compliant