Who Benefits?

  • Any Human Being
    Anyone cut-off from proper care by race, income, or geography. We are building a bridge to access for all.
  • Managed Healthcare
    The most cost-effective, Medicare-certified platform in America to provide all insureds with recovery, functional movement, and memory care.
  • PEOs, EAPs, BPOs, and Benefits Companies
    As a preventative care and wellness plan to keep employees physically and mentally healthier and thereby reduce costs and create productive workforces.
  • State and Local governments
    A revolutionary, preventative way to help their citizens, coworkers and their loved ones at home stay physically and mentally healthier and thus unburden an already overburdened healthcare system.
  • Hospitals
    As an outpatient-care or supplemental in-patient care program for quicker and more thorough recovery from surgery or illness.
  • Assisted Living and Home Care Services
    A COVID-free way to keep residents and staff moving and circulation improving toward living a healthier and happier life.
  • Caregivers
    To ensure that those who care for our loved ones are also taken care of. If our caregivers do not stay healthy, our system does not function.
  • Cable TV and Streaming services
    A stand-alone, supplemental healthcare channel that enables more people to have access to basic routines to improve their lives.
  • Planes, Hotels, and Ships
    Passengers need movement of various types to ensure health, wellness, and vitality on all of their travels.
  • School Districts and Teachers' Associations
    To protect our country's most valued resources, our teachers, when they are stretched too thin to make time to care for themselves.
  • Workers' Compensation
    As a concerted plan to get people back to work quicker or as a preventative plan to ensure a healthy workforce.
  • Health Insurers
    As the most cost-effective health and wellness plan to reduce long-term corporate healthcare costs and hospital stays.