Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is funandmoving?

A digital rehab, wellness, and basic movement platform created by certified trainers and approved by Doctors, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists for those cut off from proper care by race, income, or geography. In sum, a long-term preventative health solution.

2Do I need anything to get started?

Only an internet connection and the desire. No equipment, no gear, no traveling to a gym or rehab facility. You access us from wherever you are, whenever you desire.

3How much does it cost?

$10 per month. PER HOUSEHOLD for UNLIMITED access to over 1300 routines and 500 content hours. When DR., PT, and OT visits range from $90-$250 per visit and the cost of family insurance is nearing $1500-$2000 per month, it is easy to see our value.

4Who is it appropriate for?

Most everyone :

  • Workplace to stay sharp and move whether remote or in-house
  • Post-surgical patients to expedite and ensure proper long-term recovery
  • Loved ones being cared for at HOME
  • People CONFINED to beds (over 100-bed exercises)
  • Those strengthening PRIOR to surgery for a speedier recovery
  • Those strengthening POST surgery 
  • Those suffering from memory issues
  • The Developmentally Disabled
  • People who are desirous of brain health exercise (neurobics)
  • People WITHOUT insurance who need an affordable way to get (and stay) well
  • Those who need more rehab AFTER insurance stops paying

5What ability should I be to get started?


We are for any person interested in recovering from an injury or illness or for those who are stuck and need a place to start their health journey. Our exercises begin in a bed or a chair and only at our final level do we graduate to standing. And, most of our routines have three levels of gradual intensity for progression.

6How long do the routines take?

They range from five (5) to forty-eight (48) minutes in length. All times are indicated on the videos so you can easily find a routine length that is appropriate for you.

7What ages is appropriate for?

We believe all ages. All basic movement increases blood flow in the body which has so many benefits to a person’s well-being. We tend to think we need to push to the limits in any movements we do. But, in fact, we believe all movement promotes a healthier lifestyle.

8Who is our target market?


  • Companies looking to add to their employee wellness programs
  • Those cut off from proper care by race, income, or geography
  • People who need to get started on their exercise or recovery journey
  • Those who need a place to start where gyms and exercise seem too daunting
  • Insurance and employee benefits companies so their clients can get started toward living a healthier li
  • Hospitals seeking to provide a higher standard of care for discharged patients or to address costly re-admission rates
  • Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Developmentally Disabled, and Continuing Care Communities
  • Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Home Care facilities to care for both caregivers and their residents in this brand-new horizon of COVID

9How can I find

  • The easiest way is through ANY browser by simply typing in the search bar: “”
  • On a smart TV, you may view also view via Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Android TV
  • Comcast, Spectrum Charter, or MyBundleTV subscription video on demand (SVOD)
  • Lastly, it is an app available in the Google Play or Apple iTunes (iOS) store.

10I will be having surgery in the upcoming months do you have anything for me?

Yes. We have a whole series of pre-hab routines for stretching and strengthening. We have consulted with physicians and surgeons alike who have all agreed that preparing for surgery this way may decrease recovery time.

11Do you really have “bed” exercises?

Yes. Our goal is to get all people well again. Any type of movement causes blood flow and is good for circulation. If our brothers or sisters in need are confined to a bed, we believe they need to move and strengthen themselves. Our goal is to graduate them to our chair routines and, ultimately, to our standing routines. We know we can help.

12I am living with dementia, sometimes have extreme forgetfulness, and wish to continue to thrive. Do you have anything for me?

Yes. We have three levels of memory exercises. Yellow for those most severely forgetful, green for a little less challenged, and red for those simply wanting to stay sharp with brain exercises. We believe our minds, like our muscles, need to be worked.

13My mother is in a healthcare facility, how can she get this?

You may always recommend us to the activities director of the facility, but the easiest way is for us to enable right on her TV via Roku or Amazon Fire or on her phone or tablet through any browser.

14How will I know where to get started?

We have a button in the header called "Routine Finder." You can follow the steps and be led directly to your appropriate skill level and routines. 

We have created seven, fourteen, and thirty-day plans for your convenience. You may also contact us at and one of our trainers will contact you and show you the exercises most appropriate for you.

15Would this be appropriate for developmental disability programs for either group homes settings or day habitation programs?

Yes. We believe our routines are appropriate for all disability programs with the proper supervision deemed appropriate by each unique facility.

16I am a caregiver for someone living with dementia, is this appropriate for us?

Especially for you. We believe the health of all caregivers is a crucial part of the healthcare system, not simply to aid their client or loved one, but to ensure their own well-being. Our routines should be done by caregivers and patients alike.

17What is the idea of "digital inclusion" and how does play a companion role? was designed with the foundation of being accessible to all no matter where you are on the globe and no matter the level of your technical expertise. As long as you have a cell phone or internet connection, access to getting healthier is a click away.