Filling The Void… With Kindness

Our goal in building the site was simple… we knew there was a void in the marketplace for people who truly wanted to get better but couldn’t or wouldn’t because of some personal circumstance like money or they didn’t have insurance, or insurance stopped paying, or they didn't know where to start. We saw the need in the world marketplace, and we knew we could build something to fill that need. Why should someone who genuinely wants to get better and not be able to do so? Because they were too far from a facility, because it cost too much, or because their insurance company deemed them fully recovered after five Physical Therapy visits or after six Occupational Therapy visits?

No one is truly recovered after just a few visits. 

We all recover differently because we are all unique. And for long term well-being, movement of any kind should never stop simply because you are recovered or feel better. Movement should be part of all our lives to stay healthy in our bodies and minds. Please do not take our word for it. We have provided many articles from various medical journals and studies in the “About” and “Articles” section of our site telling the world the same. 

We created a company of people like us who have been affected in some way by heart disease, hypertension, weight, age, memory, illness, and injury. To get healthier, slowly, together, is called being human. You may think you are alone, but you are not… everyone has something. So, we knew if we built the site that could help others, people would come. 

See for yourself. 

Unlimited rehab and basic movement for $10 a month, less than two gallons of gas for your car. 

I like those numbers. 

Come join… The FAM!

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