Why “preventative” care?

Small changes over a long period of time get big results. It does not take a lot of high impact workouts to make you stronger. Movement is the key to life. Our bodies were created to be in motion. Movement improves circulation and circulation helps our bodies heal and get stronger. 

 Our routines concentrate on functional movement, to be able to move in all the directions our bodies were created to move. We concentrate on improving your strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and brain health.  

And we don't ask that you simply take our word for it. We have had our legal team research hundreds of articles on regular basic movement and longevity and the results are in our “About” page under “Articles.”

 These are NOT articles written by us. They are articles with scientific and medical basis behind them. We inherently know any kind of movement is good for us. A sedentary lifestyle does not test the muscles of our body, nor does it do anything for our mind. Sure, it feels good to lay down on couch and relax… if you have moved in some way for part of your day. It is so simple but sometimes so difficult to do. That is why we have brought these routines to you, wherever you are, on your schedule in whatever clothes you want to be in. (I have various cut t-shirts with holes in them that my family has tried to throw out multiple times). But to me, they are comfortable. I don’t have anyone to impress at a local gym, I can just be me and workout when I want in the comfort of my own home. That is why we built funandmoving the way we did. 

Just do you… but move every day.

Come join… The FAM!

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