Did you say “beds?”

When our first few friends heard we were creating bed exercises they wondered just how that was going to look. To be completely honest, so did we. But we fought through our trepidation and created what we think could potentially help hundreds of millions of people; not only our friends who are permanently non-ambulatory, but also people in hospitals or recovering from surgeries, illness, or injuries of any type, for any length of time. We all know that movement stimulates circulation which in turn stimulates blood flow. We also all know that any type of regular movement is vital to speedier recovery… no matter how small.

People in beds MUST do something.

Our bed routines are done with this in mind. Slow, steady movement to improve the lives of those currently suffering. Our bed routines have been designed at two levels: lying down and seated. We realize some of our friends need to lay flat for a time, but that does not mean they should not be moving. We are trying to help all people progress to the next small level of movement. If ready and willing, our goal is to get our bed bound friends to the next level… a chair… and then from a chair to standing. That is our goal, to get people moving again and on their way to full recovery, in a slow, steady manner.


When, up until now, there was nothing for our friends confined to beds, there is now hope right where you are via your phone, tablet, computer, or television. 

Come join… The FAM!

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