What is “Prehab?”

We all know that once we have a surgery of any kind the best thing is to get moving. This is because blood flow stimulates healing. Below are a few articles that reinforce this. We all know that rehab is an important part of recovery. Hip and Knee replacement surgeries are at an all-time high as the “Gray Wave” of baby boomers ages and seeks to improve their mobility, feel better, and stay fit. We thought it would be wise to not only provide routines for the millions of people around the globe going through these surgeries in our rehab series, but what if we could provide “prehab” routines to strengthen the body PRIOR to having surgery. When we spoke to doctors, they agreed that prehab can speed up one’s recovery from these types of surgeries. That was all we needed to get going. And so, we created “prehab” routines for those who wanted to give themselves the best chance toward a successful and speedier return from surgery.

Come join… The FAM!

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