The Brain Body Connection

Many of us have experienced the pain of loved ones suffering from memory loss. In our opinion this is one of the most difficult diseases with which to deal. Oftentimes the body is still healthy while the mind suffers the challenges of forgetting things and, when the disease progresses, sometimes even the closest people to them. This is horrendous for anyone, not to mention a loved one witnessing this firsthand. And unfortunately, there is no panacea, no cure all, no snap of the fingers that can make our loved ones remember us.

While there is no clear answer yet, we have created two sets of memory routines for people who suffer from some (or any) sort of memory challenges. The levels are “easy” (green) for those most severely afflicted and “moderate difficulty” (yellow) for those less effected. Our primary goal is to keep as much of a person’s cognitive function working, providing greater quality of life for those suffering. Blood flow to the brain is critical for those with dementia. We have created routines to get circulation moving to the brain, as well as helping with speech, motor skills, coordination, and balance. While some may not see or understand our reasoning for creating these, we felt it is vital for all people to keep exercising their mind and body, no matter how much they are afflicted with any of the insidious memory diseases; doing something, however little, may slow the onset of more serious memory loss. Anything that can slow the progression is a good thing. That was our rationale put simply.

We then took our routines one step further and created a “Challenging” (red) level of intensity for people who do not currently suffer from any disease of the mind, but who wish to stay sharp. I often see my eighty-three-year-old parents doing things on their own to keep their minds sharp; things like crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and even jigsaw puzzles and each one of these is excellent to tax the brain. But that is only one way to work the brain. There are so many more areas that need to be stimulated that contribute to memory: the vestibular system, speech, fine motor skills, as well as overall improvement in circulation to the brain with aerobic activity. 

The brain is the most vital organ in our bodies.  We need to work it to keep it sharp. 

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